Will I be able to do everything I used to do after surgery?

While the goal of surgery is to restore function and get you moving without pain, there are usually some limitations after orthopedic surgery.

Simply put, “If it hurts don’t do it.” It is okay to start moving and using the surgical extremity. If you have a splint or cast, the splint or cast will limit the motion necessary to protect the bone or joints. Start off slowly and listen to your body. Again, motion is good and starting to move those sore joints will help to recover faster.

Patients that have had knee surgery including most lower extremity surgeries may start weightbearing unless stated otherwise after surgery. If unable to fully weight weight bear then using crutches, walkers, canes, and/or wheelchairs are recommended.

Regarding work activities, the above still holds true, “If it hurts don’t do it.” For example, if you had surgery on your hand and typing feels okay, then proceed.

Talk to your orthopedic surgeon about realistic expectations after surgery.